Anana Stone Carving
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Welcome to Anana!

Your source of Arctic sculptures custom made by carver Paul Ponchillia and the home of all things Inuit. You can purchase a small or large stone or bone carving here, view the Ponchillia’s collection of carvings, wall hangings, or lithographs  made by Inuit Masters, see how carving is done, read blogs about and view videos of the places Paul has traveled in the Arctic to learn carving from Inuit artists, and discover how Paul, who is blind,  carves by touch.   

See how Paul’s interaction with Inuit carvers and their art have enabled him to capture the simple form signature of his Inuit tutors. Created from materials such as soapstone, alabaster, serpentine, marble, and bone, Paul’s one of a kind sculptures depict traditional images such as the mammals of the Arctic,  the stone cairn known as the inuksuk or inukshuk, or stylized versions of the Arctic environment, such as  icebergs or the midnight sun.  These carvings are a perfect way to bring a piece of the arctic or Inuit culture into your home and the photos and videos you see will imbed themselves deeply within your heart!

Anana is an a Inuktitut word that means "beautiful" and it perfectly describes the Arctic environment, its people, and its traditional art! It is the love we here at Anana hold for it and the knowledge of its magic that drives us to want to make everyone below 66 degrees north latitude aware of what wonders lie undiscovered way up there beneath the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis!

Please enjoy the site, and visit our available pieces gallery, where you can own your very own piece with prices starting at less than $100!